Masterclass Embroidery Books by Helen M. Stevens   1 comment

Hi all! Thanks for checking out the downsizing book sale I need to do since losing my beloved husband. All books are from my non smoking, non perfumed home. I will accept check, money order or PayPal. All prices include shipping via media mail to US, FOREIGN LOCALES and tracking are extra fees. Please send all inquiries to Marianne in NJ at scrapnsew at Amazon search by ISBN for further info.

Helen M. Stevens’ embroidery is totally lifelike. These books are priceless!

Embroidered Animals, hardcover, exc. cond. 2005, ISBN 07153-1803-9 was $24.99 now $15.00.

Embroidered Birds, softcover, very good.cond. 2004, ISBN 0-7153-1965-5, was $19.99, now $12.00.

Embroidered Gardens, hardcover, good cond. 2006, ISBN 13-978-0-7153-2180-5 was $26.99, now $15.00.

Embroiderer’s Countryside: An embroidery classic updated to feature step-by-step instruction for original designs, softcover 2008, ISBN 13-978-0-7153-2859-0, was $24.99, now $15.00.

Thanks for looking! Stitch happy! Marianne in NJ


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  1. All of Helen M. Stevens’ books are sold, thanks for looking.

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